Good Afternoon Valor Families!

We are having an amazing day here at VCP. I wanted to send a dismissal reminder for today. We strongly encourage that you do not arrive at school before 3:00 pm to pick up your students. Voyager dismissal starts at 2:30 pm and given that it is the first day of school, we know it will take quite a bit longer for Voyager to finish their dismissal process. We anticipate that if you arrive before 3:00 pm you will get stuck in the Voyager dismissal line and be asked to loop around the building.

Please keep that in mind as you plan for your arrival.


Ms. Giblim



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    • Thank you for letting us know but why you change the day of dismissal early Friday is make since more than Monday.

  1. Hello! I have a question about pick up. I have one child at Voyager and one at VCP. What time should I arrive to make pickup most efficient? Is it possible for Voyager students to wait in a safe location to be dismissed with an older VCP sibling at 3:00 on Mondays?

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