Dear Flagship 8th Grade Families,

We are writing to notify you that we have submitted a temporary COVID-19 Remote Learning Waiver for Flagship’s 8th Grade due to staffing challenges from COVID-19. As of this morning, 8th grade has 50% of staff in isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19. With this high volume of staff unable to report to work, Flagship will be unable to provide in-person instruction to students in 8th Grade in the short term. 

  • Flagship’s 8th Grade will close on Tuesday, January 25th with the earliest return being Wednesday, January 26th, dependent on recovery of current staff in isolation. Students in the 8th grade at Flagship will not report to school during this time and will receive asynchronous assignments to complete at home.
  • We will update you Tuesday, January 25th by 12pm with updates about our reopening date. 
  • Scholars and families will receive an email by 9 am tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25th with a link to Flagship’s homework agenda which will contain all assignments for the day. 

Information about the LEA COVID-19 Remote Learning Waiver process can be found below:

TDOE Remote Learning Waiver Letter and Application

For cases where districts can demonstrate and document COVID-related needs in their school communities that necessitate a temporary shift to remote instruction for classrooms or entire schools, Commissioner Schwinn will entertain waiver requests for districts to provide temporary remote instruction due to COVID-19 at the classroom and school level.

This waiver process is not required for individual students on quarantine to receive remote instruction, and waivers, if approved, will be valid for up to five calendar days. The department will review waiver requests and respond in writing to the district as quickly as possible.

Should you have any questions about the waiver process, you may reach out to Mr. Jamie Gutter (Flagship Principal) or Ms. Sarah Giblin (Valor’s Managing Director of Schools).


Sarah Giblin



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