Please review the after-school programming pick-up procedure below to ensure you are familiar with the policy. Failure to follow the policy can result in you receiving a late fee. 

  1. Middle School Program Dismissal Procedure 
    1. Expectations
      1. The parents should go to the front office of Voyager 
        1. If needed, the person at the front desk will let the parent know their scholar’s room number
      2. The parent should walk to the room their scholar is in and should sign their scholar out with the program leader using the programs sign-out sheet
      3. Students should exit through the front door of Voyager with parents
  2. High School Dismissal Procedure
    1. Expectations 
      1. Program leaders will walk scholars out of the front doors of VCP
      2. Scholars should wait under the awning until their parents/guardian arrives


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