UPDATE: Picture Day make-ups will take place on 12/03/2021.

Seniors and Caregivers of Seniors,
I’m writing today on two fronts – to provide picture day information and to take responsibility. 
Senior Picture Day Information
For sake of clarity, I’m going to write in bullet points:

  • As I mentioned in the senior caregiver rollout meeting earlier this year and in a few Principal Updates, Valor is only taking a senior photo specifically for use in the yearbook
  • This photo will be taken the same way a traditional yearbook photo is taken, with the only difference being seniors will be wearing a robe similar to the one they will wear at graduation, sans graduation cap. I’ve included a screenshot of the robe below for reference. 
    • The same process will be used for obtaining these photos as has been used for all school photos in past years at Valor.
  • In these photos, it is customary for students who identify as male to wear a collared, button-down shirt with either a tie or bow tie. As such, while any student is certainly open to this as an option, we are requiring all students who identify as male to wear a white, collared, button-down shirt and either a black or navy tie/bow tie.
    • We will have extra shirts and ties that a student can wear for the photo, but there is a tight timeline for photos, so we would deeply appreciate all students who have the ability to wear this attire to school that day to do so to limit the amount of time used changing. 
  • The robe comes up pretty high on the chest, but some areas can still be seen, so please keep that in mind when choosing an outfit for the day. See the screenshot below for reference.
  • When students take their photos on Friday, they will also provide the necessary information for their cap and gown sizing. This sizing is a simple process that requires no preparation. 

Taking Responsibility
Coming out of the senior kick-off meeting, spirits were high and students and caregivers were excited about the roll-out. However, since that time, I have not fully lived out the commitment of walking my talk. 
Specifically, I did not share a detailed timeline out with all the events outside what was shared via slides in that meeting, I failed to update seniors and their caregivers of revised dates to accommodate back-end needs to ensure quality and/or typos in the original slides, and I did not lead on this front in a manner that would allow a couple of events to happen when I said they would. The impact of this is understandably a degradation of relational trust at some level and uncertainty about what to expect next – if anything at all.
While there is obviously any number of conditions or circumstances that could be used to explain this away and buttress the reality of the situation, the most distilled down and honest explanation is that I didn’t follow through with some of the information shared and didn’t proactively communicate changes in other situations along the way. In doing so I let you down, and you deserved better as you see your high school career across the finish line. For that, I take full responsibility and am deeply apologetic. 
Rather than share context for all the shifts, I’m going to make a commitment to you all, as is customary at Valor in relationship work and/or in the act of taking responsibility. By tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM, you will receive a link to a living spreadsheet that serves as a comprehensive, student and caregiver facing overview of all events in the senior year, including some that had already been rescheduled and a couple that are being rescheduled as a result of my lack of follow-through. This spreadsheet will include as much information as we have at current (i.e. dates, times, explanations of the event, venues, points of contact). We will continue to update this spreadsheet in real-time as more information is finalized. I will also be sure to include any updates inside the 12th-grade section of the Principal Update to remind each of you of any upcoming events or need-to-know information, as well as letting you know if there is any new information that has been added to the spreadsheet. Lastly, I’ll include a link in the spreadsheet to a Google Form that will allow students and caregivers to submit questions if they don’t know who to reach out to about a given event or other senior-related matter. It will collect identifying information so the appropriate member of our team can get back in touch with the individual that submits something to the form. 
Again, I’m sorry for not fully living out the commitment of walking my talk and, in doing so, letting you down. My hope is that I’m able to be a better model of living out that commitment and am able to do so by a demonstration of aligned actions moving forward. 

Mr. Sprayberry


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